BASIC extends its virtual reality suite

How new technology can improve outcomes
The brain injury charity BASIC have introduced an additional piece of innovative technology to their Virtual Reality Suite, provided on loan by Summit Medical.

It can be difficult to prepare patients for walking in real-life situations such as uneven pavements and doorsteps. The C-Mill is unique in its ability to train patients to cope with these daily challenges.
The C-Mill can serve patients from early rehab, learning to stand, step and walk again, all the way to outbound patients who need to improve their overall walking performance and reduce the risk of falling. The C-Mill is a treadmill for evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance using augmented virtual reality.

To find out more about the C-Mill  or if you would like to come and see it in action please email or call 0161 707 6441.

BASIC has recently received funding donated by The Hospital Saturday Fund to provide free balance training using the C-Mill and Dynstable virtual reality technology.  Each bursary will provide 10 one-hour training sessions free of charge at our Centre in Salford. If you would like to make a referral please email for an application form at: 

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