Devon learn from our re-design of services

On 21st September, the network facilitated a visit by clinicians and managers from Devon to assist their planned centralisation of acute stroke care.

The delegation were shown how stroke patients are cared for in Salford Royal A&E and its stroke wards, and met with radiologists and stroke staff from the unit. The network presented its conclusions on what the region had learned from its re-organisation, and shared both the positive and negative impacts whilst reflecting on what we could have done better.

Dr Martin James from Exeter congratulated the network on the visit and said “We had a lot of very useful conversations and of course we have learnt a lot that will be directly relevant to the planning of our large Devon HASU”.

This is the second visit hosted by the network, as a contingent from South Yorkshire have be over twice to gather intelligence on re-design of hospital services. Other regions have also been in touch wanting to understand more and we plan to host an event in early 2018 for conurbations considering centralisation.


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