Greater Manchester stroke care meeting national guidelines

The network recently audited all hospital and community teams who treat stroke patients to see how well they complied with the recently updated Royal College of Physicians National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (2016).

The guideline contains over 400 recommendations on how stroke services should be organised and acute, rehabilitation and prevention care delivered.

In general, our teams complied with a very high number of recommendations:

  • Our three Hyper Acute Stroke Units (HASU) were audited against 348 relevant recommendations with overall average compliance of 91%
  • Our six District Stroke Centres (DSC) were audited against 332 recommendations with overall average compliance of 93%
  • Our 16 community teams were audited against 188 recommendations with overall average compliance of 79%
  • Our DSCs scored very well (98%) for long term management and secondary prevention of stroke
  • Our community teams complied with an average of 87% of recommendations for rehabilitation and recovery

There were aspects of care that fared less well, usually because services aren’t funded in some areas:

  • Poor compliance with 17 recommendations relating to psychological services in the majority of teams
  • Problems meeting staffing levels at many stroke units
  • Community teams and one stroke unit struggled to provide education programmes for carers
  • Lack of ability to provide adequate vocational support by some stroke units, with issues in some community teams
  • Problems accessing electromechanical assisted gait training by DSCs and community teams
  • Few areas offer a 12 month review, although most do a review at 6 months

You can download a more detailed report here.

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