Greater Manchester hospital stroke care now the best in the country!

Following changes to our hospital stroke services in March 2015 to ensure more patients  went to a specialist stroke centre, the region has seen a big improvement in the quality of stroke care it provides to patients in its 9 stroke units.

A recent review of this care found:

  • We now have the highest scoring hospital stroke pathway in the country – better than London which is heralded as the best, and hugely improved from before we changed services
  • Fairfield General Hospital returned to being the highest rated stroke unit (out of 223) in the country, with Salford Royal climbing to 7th place and Trafford General 9th – 3 of our 9 stroke units are now in the top 10 in the country
  • Patients in 9 of our 13 boroughs get ‘A’ rated care in hospital, with the remainder a ‘B’ – we hope every area will be an ‘A’ soon
  • Nearly 85% of our stroke patients are now seen at a specialist stroke centre following the closure of Macclesfield’s stroke unit in September – the remaining 15% do not need to go to a specialist stroke centre and are treated locally
  • Our rate of death from stroke, the average time spent in hospital and the rate of readmission to hospital after going home has remained the same for the last 6 months following improvements last year, and is in line with the national average
  • We continue to have delays in sending some stroke patients back to their local hospitals although this has improved in the last year

You can read the full report here and view a summary of the review of the first 12 months of operation following centralisation of stroke care here.

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