Helping job centre staff better understand neurological conditions

We are working closely with the Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation Operationally Delivery Network to continue to improve support for people returning to work.

Following a training programme for NHS inpatient and community teams last year, the networks have teamed up with the Department of Work and Pensions to help upskill their job centre staff in dealing with people with neurological conditions.

Two training events will be delivered that focus on:

  • helping to understand the conditions and their impacts
  • hearing from patients experiences
  • considering how job centres can better support people and work more closely with NHS teams in future

The first event was held on 19th June in Oldham and was attended by around 20 DWP staff from across the region, with a second session on the 27th June.

The session was led by Occupational Therapists from local community teams and featured stories from Lucy (pictured right), Kat and Gavin, who have all returned to work after a brain injury.

It is hoped that closer working between job centres and community teams (and the voluntary sector) will ensure a better experience and outcome for those living with a neurological condition. We are meeting again with DWP managers to develop further ways to engage better in the future as the events were so successful.

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