New Chair in stroke

We are delighted to hear that Dr Craig Smith has been awarded an honorary chair by Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, and will become Professor of Stroke Medicine from 1st August.

5272304Craig trained in Manchester, which included a prestigious Stroke Association Fellowship in stroke medicine at Salford Royal Hospital. Craig is currently a Consultant in Stroke Medicine at the Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre, based at the hospital, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Vascular and Stroke Centre at the University of Manchester.

He has contributed significantly to the implementation and delivery of hyperacute and acute stroke management and clinical governance at SRFT and regionally, and also nationally to the Intercollegiate Stroke Guidelines.

Alongside his clinical activities,  Craig has developed an evolving translational research programme focused on infection, inflammation and immune responses in cerebrovascular disease.  His research addresses how  inflammatory and immune responses are altered after stroke, and how these responses (and infections) might contribute to worse outcome. He chairs the international Pneumonia In Stroke ConsEnsuS (PISCES) Group, a collaborative consortium which aims to investigate how we can diagnose pneumonia after stroke more accurately, and improve how we predict which patients are at risk of developing it using national stroke registry data and laboratory biomarkers. He has also led the development of collaborative intervention studies to try and prevent pneumonia occuring in stroke patients, for example strategies to improve oral hygiene and reduce aspiration associated with swallowing problems.

He is also  Specialty Lead for stroke in the Greater Manchester Clinical Research Network.

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