New research published

Researchers in London and Manchester have published more results as part of their ongoing NIHR funded project investigating the centralisation of acute stroke services in these cities compared to the rest of England. You can read the full paper here.

The paper examines the different models of centralisation implemented in two different areas, with significantly different results.

The greater success in London was due to a combination of the more radical model implemented and the way the changes were made. They found that London’s model was simple and inclusive whereas Greater Manchester’s model was more complex and selective. They also found that London’s services were launched on the same day whereas the services in Greater Manchester were launched in stages.

They conclude that service models should be simple and inclusive; to ensure that healthcare staff and the public understand the new service. Service standards should be used, to ensure that all services are able to provide the best possible care; providers should receive support to achieve standards; and ongoing achievement of standards should be linked to financial incentives.


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