SSNAP publish annual results of stroke care

The Third SSNAP Annual Report (2015/16) – “Mind the Gap!”

SSNAP’s third annual report titled “Mind the Gap!” has used information collected over the past three years to provide a detailed, accurate picture of stroke care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The National Report for the Acute Organisational Audit (2016)

This report provides national results for the Acute Organisational Audit. The report includes national performance against 10 key indicators and many important aspects of acute stroke service organisation, clinical commentary, changes over time and country comparisons.

Patient Version of the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (2016)

A patient version of the full guideline has been produced which will set down in short form the key recommendations for patients to have as an “easy read”. It has been produced by the patients on the working party who have selected some key issues for patients to understand what to expect from people giving them care.

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