Blood pressure management masterclass #2

The network is participating in an NHS England initiative called BP@Home where blood pressure monitors will be distributed to high risk patients to help them manage their condition and reduce their risk of another stroke.

Some people think that you don’t need to teach people about using automated BP machines, but like everything else understanding the theory and having practical experience is better than being a novice. We will be holding two webinars to support the BP@Home programme and also to help upskill other professionals supporting patients with BP management after a stroke.

The first webinar on February 11th will focus on measurement and will cover:

  • What is hypertension?
  • How do we measure blood pressure?
  • Why do Home BP?
  • How to do Home BP
  • Home measurement
  • When should you reassure and when refer?

Session 2 will look at how to use the results and adjust lifestyle, treatment and when to refer for further investigation.

The sessions will be led by Dr Philip Lewis who is a Cardiologist and Blood Pressure Specialist at Stepping Hill Hospital. He has researched on many aspects of blood pressure causes, treatment and measurement over his career and is now Clinical Hypertension Lead for the GMESCN. He is an active member of the British & Irish Hypertension Society Working Party on Blood Pressure Measurement and continues to train people in BP measurement including Practice Nurses, HCAs, Practice receptionists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, University Student Midwives, and Hospital doctors at every level with relentless enthusiasm.

In these two sessions he wants to share and discuss with you how to get the best out of Home BP monitoring, why should you bother, what can you do to ensure that health decisions are based on reliable, quality BP measurements, and answer as many relevant queries as you may have. The purpose is to equip you to be a resource expert able to confidently train and advise health care professionals and patients to use home BP measurements as a vital part of everyday healthcare management.”

The events are aimed at community teams participating in the programme, but also are suitable for professionals wanting to better understand how blood pressure can be managed to prevent stroke. The sessions will be recorded and will be available on our YouTube channel soon after the event.

Royal College of Physicians CPD credits (1) have been applied for.

Please book a place for this session below (a link with the MS Teams invitation will be sent shortly before the event and there is a separate form for session 1)

This event is now closed! If you would like to register please email me directly for details

18th February 2021

9.30am - 10.30am

Via MS Teams

Task & Finish Group

Training & Education Subgroup

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