Evidence Based Approach to Acute Stroke Management

The Department of Health Professions and The Department of Nursing at Manchester Metropolitan University deliver this Multi-professional CPD module. Participants attending this unit must be registered health care professionals who have worked within stroke services for a minimum of one year.

20 credit module  at Masters level (level 7) : Can be completed as a standalone CPD or as part of the MSC Advanced Physiotherapy or MSc Professional Practice Development

This module  will cover core concepts of the acute stroke journey. Utilising case based learning, the module will facilitate qualified Health Care professionals to critically evaluate the current policy, guidelines and literature that underpins stroke assessment and management within the acute phase. This module will help qualified Health Care professionals from a range of disciplines to gain an in-depth understanding of the causes, nature, assessment and identification of stroke, including: investigations, emergency treatment, common stroke mimics, scoring systems, stroke thrombolysis and intra-arterial and surgical interventions. The module will also cover post stroke care including early mobilisation, positioning, nutrition, mood, medication, monitoring and end of life care.

Key Course Content:

  • Nature and incidence of stroke and current policy and guideline contexts.
  • Investigation of stroke.
  • Identification of acute stroke.
  • Stroke scales and measurement tools.
  • Stroke mimics.
  • Stroke thrombolysis and physiological monitoring of stroke.
  • Further interventions beyond thrombolysis- neurosurgical and neuro-radiological interventions.
  • Models and strategies for ongoing management, support and quality of life issues.
  • The role of the multi-professional team in acute stroke management and support..
  • The importance of nutrition after stroke.
  • Models and approaches to secondary stroke prevention.

Features and Benefits:

  • Delivered by a multi-professional team who are experts in the field of stroke management.
  • Opportunity to liaise with experts in the field of stroke medicine and other clinicians working in stroke medicine.
  • Problem solving approach, using case scenarios to facilitate an understanding of practice guidelines and the research literature.
  • Assessed piece of work directly influences change of practice.
  • Opportunity to present a poster at a MMU conference or other external conferences.

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