Salford Royal to host World Stroke Day event on 29th October

  • July 15th, 2019


The Salford Royal stroke team will be holding a World Stroke Day event on Tuesday 29th October, 2019 in the Mayo Building, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. (more…)

NHS England promote the impacts of better stroke care

  • July 3rd, 2019

NHS England recently promoted at the NHS Confederation conference the benefits of improvements to stroke care and also better prevention of cardio vascular diseases. You can read the story here

Webinar on 6 month reviews

  • July 3rd, 2019

The Stroke Association, in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, are running a series of webinars as part of the Stroke Community of Best Practice. These are aimed at professionals and clinicians working within stroke care across the wider NHS and social care. (more…)

New NICE report on impact of stroke

  • July 3rd, 2019

NICE has published a new impact report on stroke. This report focuses on how NICE’s evidence-based guidance contributes to improvements in care for people who have had a stroke. (more…)

$6M programme to tackle cognitive decline after stroke

  • July 2nd, 2019

Local stroke specialists are to begin a $6M programme aimed at preventing cognitive decline after stroke.

Problems with memory, language, thinking and judgment affect up to a third of people who’ve had a stroke within five years and this can have a major impact on their quality of life. It’s a top priority for stroke research and now experts worldwide will work together in a new network called Stroke-IMPaCT (Stroke – Immune Mediated Pathways and Cognitive Trajectories). (more…)

DECIDE study – using evidence to spread innovation

  • June 11th, 2019

The network has been involved in the “DEcisions in health Care to Introduce or Diffuse innovations using Evidence” (DECIDE) study, led by researchers at the University of Manchester and University College London. (more…)


ESOC 2019 (European Stroke Conference)

  • May 30th, 2019

The 5th European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC 2019) was held last week in Milan, Italy between the 22-24 May.

More than 5,650 participants from almost 100 different countries attended and found the scientific programme both stimulating and enriching.

We have summarised some of the key results from the trials presented below.

Video interviews with the investigators can be found here. (more…)

Network Annual Report published

  • May 29th, 2019

We have just published our annual report for 2018/19 which showcases the achievements in stroke care in the region in the past year. These include: (more…)