Training & Education – competency frameworks


In 2016, a task and finish group of nurses and therapists from across Greater Manchester reviewed existing competency frameworks and workbooks that were available for use by health professionals in stroke.The focus of the work was supporting the practical use of competency tools for therapists and nurses new to stroke. The group reviewed existing resources, but did not seek to design a new workbook as it was felt that this would be unlikely to meet all the needs of local users.

There was also no review of the Stroke Specific Education Framework as the group felt it was a framework for job design, planning, appraisal and design of training/assessment models, and not a competency workbook or assessment framework for use in practice.

The group sourced documents in use and available online, which were then discussed and synthesized into an Excel spreadsheet.

The guide aims to provide easy access to resources currently available for use in practice. The main challenge of implementing these resources are work patterns and staffing levels, particularly for nursing staff, with issues in take up and embedding into practice. Staff numbers and shift patterns often do not easily allow flexibility for new junior staff to work with seniors to achieve practice based competency.

The spreadsheet has two worksheets:

  1. Overview of tools – compares the content of the actual workbooks reviewed and summarises their features and applicability to different disciplines and stroke team areas.
  2. Resources – original source documents embedded for reference linked by number to the other worksheet. There are also some additional source documents not formally reviewed.

The Excel spreadsheet will be reviewed and updated yearly. Please contact Paula Beech (Co-Chair of the Training & Education Subgroup) for further information.