Training & Education – Greater Manchester stroke training programme and local events

Greater Manchester stroke training programmes

We offer a range of online training on stroke care on our Moodle learning platform for different professionals. Further online training resources on our YouTube channel.

Training is usually aimed at staff working in both community and inpatient settings, and is generally applicable to a range of professions including medical staff (experienced level events only) including the voluntary sector.

Royal College of Physician CPD accreditation will be sought for events of particular relevance to doctors. Information is included in each event description on how they may meet CREST competencies and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board sub specialty training curriculum for stroke medicine.


1. Foundation and introductory level programmes

These courses are currently on hold and are being developed into more virtual formats. Details to follow.

2. Experienced/advanced level

Our face to face events have been cancelled until further notice with shorter masterclasses delivered via MS Teams, with recordings listed below and on our YouTube channel. Our sister network for Neuro Rehabilitation also delivers events with relevant topics listed below. Hyperlinked events are open for bookings.


Advanced Decisions of care and Lasting Power of Attorney (NR Network) – 15th April

Pre hospital stroke care – 28th April

Spasticity: Pharmacology including Botulinum Toxin and The Role of the Non-Medical Injector (NR Network) – 30th April

PDOC Guidelines (NR Network) – 5th May

Spasticity: Early Surgical Management (NR Network) – 18th May

Spasticity: Pathophysiology and Clinical Assessment (NR Network) – 21st May

Weight Gain Management (NR Network) – 11th June

Visual impairment in stroke and neuro rehabilitation patients – 16th June

Supporting Capacity Assessment and How to Involve Aphasic Patients in Best Interest Decisions (NR Network) – 24th June

Spasticity: Posture & Positioning and Splinting & Orthotics (NR Network) – 8th July

Planned topics include:

  • Blood Pressure Management for Rehabilitation Assistants – May/June
  • Outcome measures including NEADL – May/June
  • 6 month reviews (reviewer teams only) – May/June
  • Vocational rehabilitation (with NR network)
  • Stroke prevention including AF & BP monitoring and management plus surgical intervention
  • Pain management
  • Functional Neurological Disorder (with NR network)
  • Integrating with neighbourhood teams and local pathways
  • Foot drop pathway (with NR network)
  • End of life care
  • Productive therapy programme – Autumn/Winter

Recorded webinars

Blood pressure management webinar (2 of 2) – 18th February 2021

Blood pressure measurement webinar (1 of 2) – 11th February 2021

Assessing and managing the risk of suicide in community stroke and neuro rehabilitation- 2nd December 2020

Fatigue management – How to set up a group and techniques to complete / trial with patients – 17th November 2020

Supporting people with aphasia in the pandemic – 3rd November 2020

Stroke-associated pneumonia: diagnosis, prevention and treatment – 15th October 2020

Transforming community stroke services in Greater Manchester – 9 September 2020

Working more virtually webinar – 8 July 2020

Remote working webinar – 21 May 2020


Other webinars hosted by the NR Network and can be accessed by emailing

An Introduction to Spasticity

Introduction to Facial Palsy and Services in Manchester